Music Videos:
from Amy Grant to W.A.S.P.
from Nikka Costa to The Rolling Stones
from A Perfect Circle to Metallica
from CB4 to Under the Electric Sky
from Rock Star: INXS to Sting …all this time

If you are looking for a rock star editor you’ve come to the right place. I can edit at my studio or your facility depending on your preference. Full remote editing services available. With Media Composer, Resolve, Premiere and Final Cut Pro, I can take your project from the beginning to finishing.


Have you shot a D.I.Y. Music Video but want it to have a professional look? Do you have an idea or a concept for your song but don’t have the skills, equipment or software necessary to complete the process?

I’m not only a musician, but I also direct and edit music videos for my own bands and for other performers. I have a full 4K capable edit system alongside a Pro Tools HD 5.1 recording studio if you would like to start from an idea and finish with a master quality recording and a completed music video.


From inception to completion, I have the capability to write, record and produce your musical project, and to shoot, direct and edit a finished professional music video.